Monday, February 28, 2011

Dump Truck

Here is a file that I converted to a cutting file----
A little dump truck!

More cutting files!

I've noticed a few of my files have been downloaded! Ya- me!
I'll post more files---what do you want ---let me know please-----please leave me a comment on how they are working out for you

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little boys and there toys

Okay here is a file i converted--- I have 3 grandsons so far and the 4th will be here in April---so when I'm making scrapbooking pages i use this for all of their layouts
let me know what you think

remember to click on the title to get the file

!st Attempt At sharing files

okay so it worked--------I clicked on a file that I'm not sure where I might have downloaded it from--- I'M SORRY IF THIS IS YOUR FILE----

I was just testing out my program....
So watch my blog for other free files....

Trying to figure this out

Okay so I've mede cutting files over the years I'm not sure what file this is so this is a test to see if it even works!
here goes just click on the title to get the file....
Please don't sell this file--- you can sell the finished product
and watch for more to come.